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Celebrate Christmas with us!

CAVA & TAPAS GASTROBAR @ Six Battery Road 01-06.

Monday to Friday from 12pm to 12am, Saturday from 5pm to 12am

CAVA & TAPAS GASTROBAR @ 30 Robertson quay #01-10/11

Every day from 5pm to 12am

CAVA & TAPAS GASTROBAR @ 44-46 Bukit Pasoh rd.

Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 12am



Tue-Sat 5-11pm

* 12 of Aug on Monday we will be closed...

Celebrate it in our restaurant!

Happy independence day!

Despite 9 of August is Friday

all our weekdays promos will be valid.

HAPPY HOUR from 5pm to 8pm
for CAVA Cocktails, Wine and Beer

FREE flow of CAVA from 30$

26 Feb to 2 of March 2019

while stocks last

Oyster PROMO $20++ for dozen!

Terms & conditions

1. Only drinking from personal glass at all times.
2. Serving by glass, unlimited refilling on customer’s requests.
3. If any person on the table buys FREE-FLOW, no-one else at the same table can buy CAVA by bottle or by glass, only other drinks like Beer, Cocktails, Wine.
4. Promotion available from 5pm to 8pm sharp.
5. All last order/pouring will commence at 7:55pm.

6. Last order for beer is maximum 2 beer each. 

7. Free-Flow alcohol only will be pour into respective glasses assign by the restaurant. 

8. There is no bargaining for more time if customer did not enjoy enough of the free-flow. 

9. Anyone caught not paying for the free-flow & drinking will be charge according without any concern. 

10. Whatever cava or wine is offered, customer is to agree to it and not ask for any other drink that is not offer.

11. Beers are not free flow but with discounted prices.

*Customer who chooses not to get the promo can order as they wish but according to menu price regardless of Happy hour promo.

1. The full menu won't be available a la carte. Only selected items.

2. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but you won't be able to choose the particular tapas.

3. Every glass of cocktail, wine or beer bottle will come with 1 FREE tapas.

4. Bottle of wine or bottle of cava will come with 2 free tapas.

5. CAVA glass orders won't be complemented by tapas (only bottle).

6. 1-1 promo will e available too, but the customer will have to choose either free tapas, either an extra glass of the drink according to 1 for 1 rules. 

Terms & conditions

Spanish food and drinks


Chicken Quinoa Paella in Bar.Celona, Singapore. The best pairing for Brut Nature Cava.

Our tapas bar has a wide selection of Spanish and international tapas perfectly pairing with CAVA. You can have an appetizer and drink or the whole dinner with your friends or loved ones in our restaurant.

Try our bestsellers - Padron peppers, Pan tumaca with famous arbequina oil, White anchovy bruschettas and other!
Albondigas meatballs in tomato sausein Bar.Celona, Singapore. Best pairs with Cava.
Albondigas meatballs in tomato sausein Bar.Celona, Singapore. Best pairs with Cava.
Albondigas meatballs in tomato sausein Bar.Celona, Singapore. Best pairs with Cava.
Try our bestsellers - Padron peppers, Pan tumaca with famous arbequina oil, White anchovy bruschettas and other!
Truffle Fries in Bar.Celona, Singapore. The best pairing for Brut Cava


Order authentic Spanish food from BAR-CELONA.
Daily from 11 am to 8 pm. MONDAY Off. Delivery or take away.

Our restaurant's current lineup is 14 kinds of CAVA. You can have all of them in the outlet for a very reasonable price. It is not a bargain price because quality needs the efforts of many professionals like farmers, wine-makers and high-tech equipment. But these are very honest products, made by a responsible manufacturer. This quality can easily compete with branded champagnes.

There are 10 other bars in Europe and America, that successfully selling the same CAVAs and sparkling wines.

14 kinds of CAVA

We are the only restaurant in Singapore importing our CAVA's direct from the manufacturer, the world famous La Xampaneria operated for almost 40 years by Can Paixano. It is located in the heart of Barcelona. Nowadays this small outlet sells 1000 bottles of CAVA per day. CAVA production is located near Barcelona too.

We do not make a huge margin on CAVA, our concept is to make bubbles affordable. At the same time, we sell very high-quality CAVA and sparkling wines. The quality is proven by time and by Spain government which only allow calling CAVA sparkling wines made in Spain by 'metodo traditionale' when champanisation being in bottles for at least 9 months.

It is so nice to have an icy cold glass (or two) 

of CAVA in hot Singapore!

Why our CAVA is so affordable?

It is so nice to have an icy cold glass (or two) of CAVA in hot Singapore!

Gastronomica Pte Ltd, Singapore


  • We give every customer 5% cashback to his/her personal loyalty account, which is activated the next morning after dining in our restaurant. 


  • This cashback customer is able to spend within 4 months after the last visit. If the customer is not coming back within 4 months, the cashback balance is expiring and being voided.

  • If a customer comes within 4 months and spends or just adds extra cashback by dining in, this 4-month expiry will be re-set and the countdown restarted.

  • Customer can spend the cashback at any our restaurants.

How does it work

  • When a customer is booking the table we record his/her name and contact number. 


  • Later when the customer dines, we tie his/her name and phone number with the bill. 


  • After the bill is paid, 5% of the total amount is spent automatically adding to the customer's personal loyalty account. 


  • Customers will receive an SMS message in the morning with the amount added to his/her cashback account. 

Another SMS customer will receive it 30 days before loyalty cashback expiry. And after every cashback spent customer will also receive an SMS message with the information about CASHBACK spend and an updated balance.