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Gastronomica Pte Ltd, Singapore


  • We give every customer 5% cashback to his/her personal loyalty account, which is activated the next morning after dining in our restaurant. 


  • This cashback customer is able to spend within 4 months after the last visit. If the customer is not coming back within 4 months, the cashback balance is expiring and being voided.

  • If a customer comes within 4 months and spends or just adds extra cashback by dining in, this 4-month expiry will be re-set and the countdown restarted.

  • Customer can spend the cashback at any our restaurants.

How does it work

  • When a customer is booking the table we record his/her name and contact number. 


  • Later when the customer dines, we tie his/her name and phone number with the bill. 


  • After the bill is paid, 5% of the total amount is spent automatically adding to the customer's personal loyalty account. 


  • Customers will receive an SMS message in the morning with the amount added to his/her cashback account. 

Another SMS customer will receive it 30 days before loyalty cashback expiry. And after every cashback spent customer will also receive an SMS message with the information about CASHBACK spend and an updated balance.